Large Corporate and business enterprises with a vast resource of manpower of various categories deployed over extended areas in single or multiple locations require specialized arrangements to manage such large numbers

personal secuirty

It is therefore imperative, that management at various levels is kept free from mundane and available routine issues related to managing the personnel deployed for their functions.

We design models for professional management of such manpower and undertake the functions that the client may desire to source out.

Various application models could be as under:

Model A

Model B

Model C

Model D

Our Methodology

The desired coverage areas for Management of Manpower are discussed with the management and detailed plans are drawn accordingly. Once approved, the plans are implemented and a regular feedback is provided to the management. Regular liaison is maintained with government / administrative authorities of various funds to ensure that all the compliances are met smoothly.

Our Services

We believe in the professional security not only ensuring the protection of the personnel, property and proprietary information of the clients but also delivering the services with a smile.

The Sainik Group of Companies

We are pleased to introduce our Group of companies which is a conglomeration of enterprises of a very progressive group of ex-servicemen with a history going back to over 30 years.