About Our Group

We are pleased to introduce our Group of companies which is a conglomeration of enterprises of a very progressive group of ex-servicemen with a history going back to over 30 years, when the pioneers took the first step and commenced its operations way back in 1979 in coal transportation as an ex-Servicemen venture. The group is presently in diverse businesses with coal mining, coal processing, power generation and transportation being the core activities.

personal secuirty

The business activities cover the following fields:

Overseas Ventures


In discharging their social responsibilities, the Group has been providing health and education facilities to the deprived sections of the society in remote and under- developed regions of their business operations.


The group is essentially an ex-servicemen enterprise, starting operations in 1979; as a Director General Resettlement (DGR) sponsored company operating in various coal subsidiaries of Coal Indian Ltd. The leadership has been provided by the pioneers; Col. Girdhari Singh, Capt. R. S. Sindhu and Capt. K. S. Solanki.

Our Services

We believe in the professional security not only ensuring the protection of the personnel, property and proprietary information of the clients but also delivering the services with a smile.

About Us

We provide integrated security, facilities, Manpower Management and related support solutions, designed to industry and client specific needs.