Specialist Services

BASS specializes in providing specialist manpower to suit various requirements of clients. Some of the noteworthy activities in this field are as follows.

1. Provision of specialist manpower for operating specialist vehicles of Vedanta Aluminium Limited at their plant in Jharsuguda in Odisha.

2. Provision of crew for operating vehicles carrying ready mix concrete for ORIX.

3. Provision of bus drivers to DTC.


Housekeeping and provision of specialized manpower is one of our core business areas. The head of our facility services and his team of supervisors have vast experience in handling challenging assignments like hospitals, office complexes, shopping areas, government buildings, educational institutions, show rooms and the like. Our senior management has experience in handling facility services as part of a multinational company as also experience in training the facilities staff in India as well as Overseas.


We believe in 'Total Quality Management' and look forward to challenging assignments. The services offered by us are:

House Keeping

Personal Secuirty

This includes all kinds of premises like shop floors, malls, show rooms, institutes, workshops, bus depots, office complexes, rest rooms, open spaces and public areas etc. Apart from routine cleaning, we undertake specialized jobs like floor buffing, glass cleaning, facade cleaning, graffiti removal, railway stations, rail coaches, carpet shampooing and pantry services.

Provision of Drivers & Chauffeurs.

personal secuirty

The Group has vast experience in transport operations. We provide well-trained and competent drivers / chauffeurs to our clients to meet the individual needs, corporate needs as well as provisions for mass deployment of drivers. We have facilities for professional testing and training of drivers to international standards, both for light and heavy vehicle. We also undertake valet parking for hotels and at special events.

We design models for professional management of such manpower and undertake the functions that the client may desire to source out.

Corporate Services.

Secuirty Services

We undertake services for provision and management of specialized manpower like secretarial staff, receptionists, computer operators, telephone operators, office assistants, supervisors, CCTV operators, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, boiler operators and the likes.

Maintenance Services. We undertake maintenance services to include engineering services, preventive maintenance, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical services, carpentry and masonry work and maintenance of lawns and gardens.

Care-taking Services.

We undertake responsibilities like care taking of assets involving housekeeping / maintenance and security, including those at remote places like communication towers, heritage sites, vacant properties and the like.

Our Core Competencies

Our Methodology

personal secuirty

Our aim is to identify the needs of our clients and to provide the most cost effective solutions. This is achieved through a happy mix of man and machine, causing least inconvenience at the work place. Strict supervision, constant and systematic client feedback helps us in remaining on course and affecting improvements.accordingly.


Equipment to be used is decided in consultation with the clients so as to ensure cost effectiveness. In keeping with the user's needs, unnecessary cluttering of the premises with avoidable equipment is advocated. Periodic use of specialized equipment, as under, is recommended, as and when required:


We work to our client's best interests, providing pollution free and eco friendly environment. We believe in promoting quality and fighting "sick build syndrome". Continuous improvement, technology up gradation and complete client satisfaction is centric to our services.

Customer Satisfaction

Secuirty Services

We care for our valued customers and are committed to their complete satisfaction. We take pains to:

We believe


Availability of trained and willing manpower for housekeeping services in the fast expanding businesses, both in the manufacturing and services sectors is the real challenge to the housekeeping vocation. Therefore, the aspect of training and motivation of housekeeping personnel gains utmost importance, particularly when the clients are highly demanding in keeping the premises to world-class standards of maintenance. The aspects of training covered in pre-deployment and on-job training are as under:

General Training Aspects

Standard Operating Procedures

Once an assignment is allocated to us, we design standard operating procedures for each major activity. This ensures that the jobs are undertaken and completed as per certain laid down sequence. The SOPs are designed in consultation with the client so as to ensure least amount of interference at the work place as well as the safety of personnel.

Our Services

We pride in providing Security services with a difference. We believe in the professional security not only ensuring the protection of the personnel, property and proprietary information of the clients but also delivering the services with a smile. This is ensured through meticulous selection,

About Us

We provide integrated security, facilities, Manpower Management and related support solutions, designed to industry and client specific needs.