Security Services

We pride in providing Security services with a difference. We believe in the professional security not only ensuring the protection of the personnel, property and proprietary information of the clients but also delivering the services with a smile. This is ensured through meticulous selection, hard professional training, apt operational handling, close supervision and quick response, round the clock.

Our services are delivered through a motivated guard force, which is well cared and provided for. We believe in placing complete faith in 'employee care' that in turn cares about our clients.

We endeavor to eliminate losses caused by pilferage burglary, arson, vandalism, fire, carelessness and negligence. The vigil by our professionals ensures that the gates, entrances, exits, reception areas, floors, perimeters, parking areas and all other vulnerable spots are cared for meticulously. Our staff is drilled to 'owning the environment', the ultimate in providing a 'sense of security' to our clients.

Personal Protection Services

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Our Personal Security Services cater to the security needs of Senior Corporate Executives and other valued clients in need of personal protection. We assess the risk factors of the client, his family, home and work environment. Our PSOs are trained in martial arts and use of firearms; should there be need for armed security. They are well-groomed, English savvy and can operate under all kinds of environment, unobtrusively. They are young, energetic, highly motivated, disciplined and trained to perform with utmost integrity, tenacity and dedication.

Risk Analysis and Risk Management

Risk analysis and management is our forte. We provide consultancy to our clients in corporate and industries on all aspects of risk analysis, risk management, loss prevention and handling of emergencies. We specialize in Security Surveys, Security Audits and reappraisal of security threats, on scientific lines. Our approach is to design security for the clients, ensuring its cost effectiveness through innovative methods and through integration of manned security with the systems interface.

Survey and Audit

Our deployment of security staff is guided by proper survey and security audit of the premises. We endeavor to ensure 'value for money' to the client. We believe that 'over deployment is as bad as under deployment'. Short deployment leaves chinks in the amour, which may prove to be costlier as compared to the cost cutting. Wherever the situation so facilitates, we recommend integration of electronic security with physical security as it not only makes the security coverage more effective, but also is cost effective in the long run. We also recommend periodic security audits of the premises so as to ensure that the ever-changing risk scenarios are taken care of.

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We believe in dynamic approach to security solutions and continuous updating, not only in keeping with the trends in advanced societies, but also to make it more effective, economical and environment friendly. With the country's rapid march towards the status of a developed nation in all sectors of the economy, the demands for specialized security treatments are fast emerging. We not only keep pace with these but also preemptively position ourselves to address such needs. Some of the areas, which need such treatment, are the shopping malls, metro rail, airports, shipping and ports, anti-hijacking operations, hospitality industry, special events, visits of senior corporate officials, film personalities and other VIPs, vehicle escorts and the like.

Security Marshals

Traditional methodology of putting up guards everywhere and anywhere should give way to more unobtrusive and efficient vigilance. One very effective option is to adopt a system of positioning marshals at vital points that should preferably operate out of uniform and from locations which may give them better area scanning facility and ease of reaction, when required. They should be well educated with higher I.Q so that they can 'own the environment' and act independently, in keeping with the situation. They should be trained in marshal arts so that they could successfully ward off difficult situations. However a fine combination of aggression with coolness needs to be exercised. This concept will enhance the level of confidence the client will have in his security provider.

Security Operations Under Difficult Conditions

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Vast fields, difficult working conditions of weather, climate and other vagaries of nature demand highly motivated security personnel to perform in the areas such as mines, power projects and other large-scale business venues. Our training and conditioning process and motivational approach prepares the guard force for excellence in performance under such environments. Administrative and Welfare measures are taken special care of.

Professional Investigations, Surveillance And Intelligence Services

Our qualified investigators, with decades of operational experience, can handle most difficult assignments with excellent results. We undertake assignments involving copyrights, trademarks, spurious and counterfeit products, insurance claims, background checks and such like issues. The emphasis is on integrity, accuracy and confidentiality.


Our security concepts are designed to address the changing threat patterns, present day structures of commercial business and industrial complexes and greater awareness levels of our rapidly modernizing society. The magnitude of risks involved, which could paralyze a facility or even throw a company out of business, calls for installation of adequate security systems & their care and high awareness level of the people at work place. Integration of Electronic Security, wherever desirable, is kept in view and solutions recommended accordingly.

We analyze the threats and advise our clients on the preventive and training aspects of security and safety of their premises. Our fire advisors are some of the leading professionals in the field who are fully qualified and aware of safety requirements in all kinds of structures.

Control Room Operations

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Our control room is operational round the clock. Various functions coordinated/controlled from the control room are:


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Black Angels Security Services Pvt. Ltd has its own Training Centre at Sector-30, Gurgaon-122001. We consider training as the backbone of our services. Seemingly simple, Security duties demand the security guard to be able to master various skills and knowledge parameters, which are the most important ingredients for efficient services. We put a lot of emphasis on code of Ethics and Attitude building. A fully trained training team comprising of ex-defence Officers & Junior Commissioned Officers impart training to our personnel.

Contents of the Basic Course Are As under:

Refresher Training

Periodic refresher training is conducted in order to update the security personnel as also imparting training under varying operational conditions. The duration of this training program is generally of two days. The syllabus is designed for the practical implementation of prevalent security concepts as well as to take care of the shortcomings noticed in the Security delivery. The supervisory staff goes through the refresher courses as relevant to their duties.

Training Aids

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We endeavor that all the human faculties of the participants are fully exercised during the training programs conducted. Apart from having a fully equipped training school as part of our premises, we try and ensure that the trainees use all possible training aids so as to facilitate assimilation

The commonly used aids include:

Simulation Training

We have provision for live demonstrations and practice in fire fighting, evacuation drills and procedures, unarmed combat, baton drill, gate house duties, fire arms firing practice for the armed guards, first aid, search procedures, patrolling and night operations.

Specialized Training

In addition to the above, and in order to make the security guards more effective under all kinds of operational conditions, training is imparted to cover the following subjects in greater detail:

On Site Training

Any weaknesses noticed in Security services at the clients' premises are addressed through our training staff, which imparts practical training at the clients' locations. This is an extremely effective methodology as the weaknesses get addressed on the spot and the absorption levels are very high.

On Job Training (OJT)

Before putting the security guards on duty, they will be imparted training specific to the assignment and familiarized with the functions at the particular site. Duration of OJT will depend on the extent of the premises and various other parameters affecting security. OJT is imparted under the care of an OJT team consisting of experienced operations personnel so as to ensure uniformity.

Our Reach

Apart from NCR, presently we are operating in some of the major cities of North India to include Lucknow, Rudrapur, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Ludhiana. By virtue of Sainik Group's presence in Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Jharkhand and Karnataka, we can undertake assignments in these States. As long as the size of the assignments is viable, we are geared to operate anywhere in the country.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

In order to standardize and to make it easy to understand and remember various nuances of operations, we have designed 'Standard Operating Procedures' (SOPs), which cover most of the common situations under a pattern of operational conditions. Common variations to these are also covered in these SOPs. Special SOPs are drawn for situations, which demand specialized treatments because of their being out of the ordinary.

Our Services

Large Corporate and business enterprises with a vast resource of manpower of various categories deployed over extended areas in single or multiple locations require specialized arrangements to manage such large numbers.

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We provide integrated security, facilities, Manpower Management and related support solutions, designed to industry and client specific needs.